Tsr model coordinates courtesy of Sung-Hou Kim, UC Berkeley.


Welcome to the Thompson Lab

Lab News:

7/2016 Lynmarie co-organizes the FASEB meeting "Molecular Biophysics of Membranes" in Snowmass, Colorado

6/2016 Adam McConaha joins us from Eastern Michigan University, for summer research with the CURE REU program.

1/2016 Maryam Kashefi attends US-Canada Winter School on Biomolecular Solid-state NMR in Stowe, Vermont

6/2015 Cheyenne Hakes joins us from SUNY Cortland, for summer research with the CURE REU program.

6/2015 Alumni reunion honoring the memory of Bob Weis is a great success: wonderful tribute talks by Bob's alumni Anas Chalah and Tania Besschetnova, and a great turnout of lots of young alumni.

12/2014-1/2015 Installation of new NMR spectrometer!

11/2014 Local hydrogen exchange in chemoreceptor complexes paper published in Biochemistry. Congratulations Seena Koshy and Xuni Li.

11/2014 Yael Balazs (PhD 99, NMR Facility Director at Technion University) visits to give a seminar.

Fall 2014 Lynmarie enjoys reconnecting with lab alumni during seminar trips: Stacy Seeley (PhD 95, now Professor and Head of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Kettering University) and Julissa Gonzalez (summer research 2010, now a graduate student at University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras).

8/2014 Libbie Haglin wins a William E. McEwen Fellowship Award for Outstanding Poster Presentation at this year's ResearchFest.

6/2014 Meaghan Molloy is featured on the UMass website.

5/2014 Karen Li receives a CURE fellowship for summer research at UMass

4/2014 Michael Harris accepts a position as Applications Engineer at Bruker Biospin.

4/2014 Meaghan Molloy receives a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the Frankel Cardiovascular Center University of Michigan Health Center

Structural biology of membrane proteins is a major focus of our research. Membrane proteins mediate key life processes: cells employ membrane proteins to harness energy, sense the environment, and import molecules. Understanding the mechanisms of these critical processes, as well as designing pharmaceuticals targeting membrane proteins to treat diseases, is limited by the challenging nature of membrane protein studies. Recent advances in membrane protein expression and structure determination make this an exciting time to work on membrane proteins and advance this frontier area in biology. Our laboratory combines a variety of tools including solid-state NMR and mass spectrometry with other biophysical, biochemical, and molecular biology approaches to address structure and function in important membrane proteins. We study bacterial chemotaxis receptors to understand mechanisms of transmembrane signaling and ABC transporters to understand mechanisms of transmembrane transport.

Contact information:
Lynmarie Thompson LGRT 122, University of Massachusetts
710 North Pleasant St.
Amherst, MA 01003











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