Chemistry 112            Lecture 2        Spring 2001


Schedule No. 215743             MWF 11:15 AM        GSMN 64



Instructor:      Roberta Day, LGRT 512, 545-2375,


Structure:       Three 50' lecture periods per week

                        One 3 hour laboratory period every other week

Electronic Homework (OWL)



Required Text: Kotz and Treichel, "Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity"; 4th edition (contains interactive CDROM)

Assignments from the text will be from Chapters 13 through 21. See the Table of Contents, pages x - xi for an overview.


Optional: Banks, "Student Solution Manual"


Required Laboratory Materials:

Student Lab Notebook by Hayden-McNeil (Textbook Annex).

Master Lock #1525, and Safety Glasses - American Optical Co. No. 484A ( Campus Center Store). Descriptions of Laboratory Experiments will be available on the Web.


Electronic Calculator: An electronic calculator (should be capable of doing powers, roots, logs and exponents) may be used in all aspects of the course.



Grading:         Three (3) hour examinations, approximately                               300 points

                        Cumulative final examination, approximately                              150 points

                        OWL Electronic Homework, approximately                                70 points

                        Laboratory approximately                                                         130 points


                        Approximate Total                                                                    650 points


Examinations will account for approximately 70%, OWL homework for approximately 10%, and Laboratory for approximately 20% of the total course grade. No judgment on grades is reached until the end of the semester and all work is completed. The minimum total percentage required to guarantee a grade of: A is 90%, B is 80%, C is 70%, and D is 60%. Deviations from this depend on class performance and are at the discretion of the instructor. Important: A failing grade in either lecture (< ~60%) or in laboratory will result in a failing grade for the entire course.


Academic Honesty: See regulations in the Student Handbook “Undergraduate Rights & Responsibilities”.



General Procedures: Attendance is expected at all class periods. If you must miss a lecture, it is best to get the lecture notes from a classmate. If you miss a laboratory, get in touch with your TA as soon as possible (email addresses on the web). Problem assignments from the text are not collected. OWL homework is monitored electronically. Assignments, deadlines and other relevant course materials will be posted on the web.


Laboratories: Labs begin on Monday, February 5, with Section 1 and meet on alternate weeks. See the lab schedule handout for details for your section. The experimental procedure for the first lab will be distributed in class on Friday, February 2, and is also available on the Web. Before each subsequent laboratory meeting, the experimental procedure should be printed from the Web. Pre-lab quizzes on the web should also be done to prepare for each laboratory experiment. A short written pre-lab quiz, based on the on-line version, will be given at the start of each laboratory.


Hour examinations will be given in the evening, during the period (6:00PM-7:30PM) set aside by the University for this purpose. Make-up exams will only be given with (a) prior written notification of a scheduled absence allowed by University policy or (b) documented emergencies or illnesses. Hour exams are scheduled for Thursday evenings on March 1, April 5, and May 3.


Web sites:

General Chemistry:

Links to lecture information and all laboratory information may be found under Chemistry 112. There are also links to OWL and other sites.

OWL electronic homework:

            Login = 9-digit student ID number (no dashes);  Password = last name

Office of Instructional Technology:


OWL Electronic Homework: Electronic homework may be done at any time after the start date and may be repeated without penalty, but credit will be received only for work completed by the due date. Due dates will be announced during the semester. Assignments may be done in the Chemistry Resource Center or from any location with access to the Web. There are two kinds of OWL modules. “Quiz” mode assignments are drawn from a database of questions, so that the questions will vary each time you attempt the assignment. Discovery assignments have a fixed set of questions. Discovery assignments contain Shockwave movies that require a special player, so plan ahead. It is OK to use your text, to work with a classmate, or to ask for help when you are doing an OWL assignment.


Chemistry Resource Center: The CRC will be open with a skeleton staff Jan 31- Feb 2, 9:00AM – 4:30PM. Normal hours of operation begin on Monday, February 5. The CRC is located in Goessmann 151. It contains computers for your use and a drop-in area where you may study with friends or get tutorial help from the staff. To log on to the network in the CRC your username is 'chem112' and your password is 'ch111112'. You will be able to print course-related materials from the computers in the CRC. Hours of operation are posted outside of the Center each semester. Usually these are: Monday – Thursday: 9:00AM-12:00 midnight, Fri 9:00AM – 4:30PM, and Sunday 5:00PM – midnight, with no tutorial help available on any day before 12:00 noon or on Sunday evening.