End of Fall 2009

Dear Club,

Sorry for anyone who went to the club room yesterday, the meeting was canceled and I didn't get the email until afterwards. The only thing we needed to talk about is the party though:

  • The party's on Sat, after the hockey game, at Jon Rymasz's house.

  • Everyone needs to RSVP, so we can get a headcount, and also say if they need a ride there. They should RSVP either me, or just RSVP directly to Rymasz via email.

If we don't see you there then enjoy your finals and have a great break.

Thanks and see you next semester!

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: December 2, 2009

Hello fellow club members, hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and that you're as ready for the semester to end as I am. I have a few things to let you know about our last meeting:

  1. We made a profit on the Cupcake Sale! Special thanks to everyone who baked and worked the table for us. It was a fun time for all who participated. Maybe we'll be interested in doing it again next semester?

  2. Good and bad news regarding the room. Bad news first, we do not have a new room in ISB yet. Good news is, we received information that we won't be losing our room for at least a few more months.

  3. The chemicals should be in very soon, finally. We will be doing the demos in the 3rd floor A.Chem labs, but because of obvious time restraints we will have to postpone them until next semester.

  4. Room clean up! We will be meeting on this Saturday (12/5) at 4 o'clock to clean up the club room, please come and help out!!!

  5. Next semester: We're going to try and get a meeting with the glass blower and a tour of the plant and soil lab for next semester, so come back to meetings to get involved!

  6. Finally, the motion to demote to a temporary member was won and there was a motion to ban the member which will be voted on at the next meeting.

Good luck with finals!

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: November 18, 2009

Hey, I actually have a lot of important stuff to tell you guys this week so listen up!

  1. Thanksgiving Cupcake Baking

    We will be meeting at quarter of 7 in the club room this coming Monday (11/23), and going to the basement of Chenoweth and baking cupcakes from 7 until anywhere from 10 pm to midnight. Come late if you can't make it right away, it will be fun I promise!

  2. Thanksgiving Cupcake Sale

    I probably didn't need to separate these sections... Oh well. So Tuesday before Thanksgiving is when we're going to be selling the cupcakes. It will be in ISB from 10-2 so if you can come and help sell it would be greatly appreciated. We'll meet in the club room at 930 to get ready.

  3. Demos

    It's going to happen!! We're getting our chemicals this week. We'll be running through some experiments and eventually we'll perform a demo in ISB. Which will hopefully lead to a demo at a local high school. Definitely be at the next meeting (12/2) if you want to be a part of this.

  4. Voting

    At this meeting there was a motion to demote a member from full to temporary membership which we will be voting on at the next meeting. Details about temporary status are in our RSO Constitution.

Thanks & Hope to see you all soon!

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: November 4, 2009

Sorry about the lateness of this email! I could give you excuses like a dinosaur ate my internet cable, but I know it doesn't really matter. So here's what I have:

There will be an info session tomorrow, November 10 at 4 pm in ISB 329. It will have information targeted to Junior and Senior chemistry and physics majors, and will be hosted by Duracell/Procter & Gamble. There will be food! No resumes are needed, and relevant info will include the the application process for this company. Here is the email from Lahti:

Craig Buckland of Duracell / Procter & Gamble, has arranged to visit our campus with P&G reps on 10 Nov 2009. This is the day before a university holiday, but that is what seems to work. They are going to put out a bit of a spread (food, light refreshment), and would like to talk about P&G opportunities.

Their interest is in people interested in battery chemistry. They are particularly interested to meet with senior and junior chemistry majors, and physics majors. They are not asking for resumes, but will be happy to give people any info about the process for applying to Duracell, if anyone asks.

They are primarily interested in letting people know about the opportunities at P&G / Duracell in the New England area.

I think you have ISB 329 booked on our dept's behalf from 3:30-5:30 PM for this event. Food would be in the corridor, not in the room. I think have already whipped up some sort of advertising sign to post copies in some visible spots?

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: October 28, 2009

We had another short meeting which means another quick email! I'll probably email you guys again when the VP gives me more info on Rock Band, but here's what I have so far:

We're going to have a cupcake sale on November 24th (right before Thanksgiving break). We will be baking in the basement of Chenowith the night before (November 23rd) at 7 pm, please come and help out! We will be baking about 300 cupcakes, so we'll be there for a few hours and of course the more the merrier. We'll also be looking for people to work the cupcake sale during the day. So make sure to keep that in mind!

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: October 21, 2009

Today was a short, small meeting so this one won't be long.

  1. Dodgeball Tournament! So, it's in the bowl in Orchard Hill on this Saturday. We decided to just meet up at the bowl when the tournament starts and go from there. The more the merrier! Even if you don't participate you should come, watch, and support!

  2. I got some requests for a reminder of the Walk for Light, so here's the information again: It's on November 4th at 6 pm. Everyone who signs up for this walks around campus with UMPD to look for spots where lights are out, and to look for places that need more light (i.e. identify sketchy places).

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: October 14, 2009

Ok, I sincerely apologize for this: it's really late in the week and I lost the paper I wrote my notes down on so I am doing this one for memory. So wish me luck, and if I forget anything just let me know.

  1. On October 24th there's a Dodgeball Tournament in the Orchard Hill Bowl. We wanted to get a team of 7 together at $3 each. So express your interest at the next meeting. Hopefully we can get an awesome uniform going.

  2. We're losing our room at some point in the future so we're thinking about moving to the alcove thing in ISB on the 3rd floor. So uhhh, yeah.

  3. Also, someone emailed me and said that a green bag from the chem club room has gone missing that had bags of tea and some clothes. If you have any information please email me about it.

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: October 7, 2009

Hi everyone! OK, I missed out on the last meeting so I'm going to do the best I can with these minutes. Hopefully if I miss anything no one will tar and feather me, I'm crossing my fingers. Now, I give to you the stuff that happened:

  1. Apparently the glass blower never showed up, so no workshop occurred. Sad. :( But! I'm guessing we'll reschedule for later in the semester so don't worry too much.

  2. There's this thing called the Walk for Light on November 4th at 6 pm. Everyone who signs up for this walks around campus with UMPD to look for spots where lights are out, and to look for places that need more light (i.e. identify sketchy places). Let us know if you're interested!

  3. On Monday the 12th (Columbus Day) we are planning on going mini golfing on Route 9 in Hadley. We want to meet at about 2 pm. Who's interested!? But more importantly, who has a car?! If you do, email me. Also, let me know if you're willing to bring people without transportation.

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: September 30, 2009

Hello fellow Chem Clubbers. Sorry this email is so late, I had to get myself situated before I could write. So, welcome to all the new people and welcome back to all the familiar faces. On with the information:

  1. Elections were held and the votes are in. Our new name is the Chemical Sciences Club. Woohoo! At least we don't have to think of a new nickname.

  2. I know I'm sending this email so late so this part is almost pointless, but here is a reminder about the Glass Blower's Workshop. People attending should meet at GSMN 153 at 10:15 AM, tomorrow October 6th. Have fun! If you miss it, don't fret! We may have another one on a Thursday later in the semester.

  3. We brought up the idea of a cupcake sale fundraiser in late November (ish). Not much information yet, but we hope you're interested.

That's about it, kind of a short meeting.

P.S. Volleyball fell through because it was too cold, in case you were curious.

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: September 23, 2009

Hello again everyone. Glad to see the new faces at the meeting last Wednesday. Please pardon the late arrival of this email, I wanted to get in touch with the glass blower first.


    The meeting will start at 5:00 next Wednesday so we can go play volleyball in the NE quad when we are done.

  2. Nominations for Secretary are in:

    Elizabeth Kingston
    Kyle Sargent
    Jon Forfa
    Shera Demchak

    Each nominee will have a few minutes to speak before the votes next week.

  3. Name change

    Integrated Sciences Club
    Natural Sciences Club
    Chemical Sciences Club
    Physical Sciences Club

    It looks like the new name will be XXXX Sciences Club. Come Vote!

  4. Glass Blower's Workshop

    Oct. 6th at 10:30 AM. We are working on a second (Thursday date) we just didn't want to scare him with two tours so close to each other.

  5. Rockband Update

    We are keeping this unofficial...but heres the official stuff:

    ISB 221 Friday 10/30 around 7PM.
    Bring yourself and bring your friends.
    Competitions for both Individual ($2/entry) players and Bands ($5/entry).
    Raffle of Rockband 2? Depeding on interest. ($5 per entry)
    Wings or DP Dough snack later in the evening. (Donations welcome)

  6. Various lab tours are in the works. (Including West Experiment Station and Spectrum Analytical)

  7. Boston Museum of Science trip


Jon Rymasz

Meeting Minutes: September 16, 2009

Welcome to those of you that are hearing from me for the first time (electronically that is) and a warm welcome back to those of you that have already been in the club. We have a fair amount of activities and ideas floating around, some of which are nailed down and in-progress (goggles) or still need a bit of planning (Rockband). Meetings, like last semester, are at 5:30PM on Wednesdays. It would be great to see everyone at all the meetings. And now, on to the minutes:

  1. Welcome, etc, etc.

  2. We need a new secretary! Nominations are being held next week (9/23) and elections the week after (9/30). You need to be there if you want to be nominated/elected. (deaths, etc. are obviously not included)

  3. Upon meeting with our current adviser, prof. Auerbach, it was decided that the chem club needs a bit of a face-lift. Everything is being integrated and we have to as well. Thus, we are going to be changing the name of the club to be seen as more inviting to those that aren't specifically Chem majors. Suggestions can be e-mailed in or brought up at the next meeting and the vote will happen in the third meeting of the semester. (Sept. 30th)

  4. Events:

    1. Goggles Sales

      ...are out of this world. I just ordered more last night. Anyone that would like to help, please show up around 2:15 outside of ISB 1st floor lab wing. (Also, we need someone for next Friday, I have lab and can not make it. Please e-mail me)

    2. Lab Tour

      I'm working on a tour of an environmental lab in Agawam, Ma. More details to follow.

    3. Glass-blower's workshop

      Those of us that went last semester thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We even got to blow glass. The technician would be more than happy to have another tour (usually mornings).

    4. West Experiment Station

      While its the busy season for soil testing right now, when the weather cools off (more) Amber will be setting up a tour date.


      ...at some point in ISB (possibly Oct.30) Details to follow. (Depending on the popularity of this we may have more Rockband nights and ifthere is enough interest in them, Halo (or CoD) nights as well)

    6. Elemental Cupcake Sale

      Its a ways out, but we'll remind everyone about it now.

Alright, I believe that is everything...I may have missed something. Sorry if I did. See you all Wednesday!

Jon Rymasz

Welcome Back Everyone!

Meetings will continue to take place every Wednesday at 5:30 in Goessman 153. The first meeting of the semester will take place on September 16th. In the meantime, we have some (albeit unfortunate) news.

Due to extenuating circumstances, we are out a Secretary. Nominations will be held next week and elections the following week. Come to the meeting for the details! Malia will remain the webmaster to facilitate the transition.