Please note that this calculator is only an estimate, to help you determine the effect of the WiredWest municipal broadband initiative on your overall household expenses.
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  25 Mbps ($49) 100 Mbps ($79) 1 Gbps ($109)
10-25X faster than Western Mass DSL

  None Full Featured ($25)

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What about TV packages? Although WiredWest plans to offer optional TV packages, the above does not try to capture that savings. The field of internet-delivered (or "over the top") television is rapidly changing, with major companies such as CBS now offering direct subscription services delivered over the internet. We fully expect there to be many options in two years, including new competitors to and expansions of recently introduced over the top services (examples: Dish, DirectTV, MLB, NBA, AppleTV). High speed fiber makes all of this possible. It also means that predicting pricing over even a 2 year horizon is highly uncertain.

Feature Comparisons

Compared with: Western Mass DSL   Satellite   Cellular

Phone and internet work well in snow and rain
Unlimited nationwide long distance calling included
Unlimited data (no data cap)
Base download speed (Mbps) - what are my current speeds (see also)?
Base upload speed (Mbps)
Options for significantly higher speeds

Why should I care about "upload" speed? Traditional browsing involves primarily the downloading of data. However, Skype, FaceTime, and similar services that allow you to connect with business colleagues or family (grandparents, grandkids, etc) require substantial data traffic in both directions. There is also a growing trend towards "Cloud Storage" - maintaining your data (or backups) safely on protected remote servers. For example, the next Apple system update (and similar services) will allow you to store all of your photos securely "in the cloud," with full access to your entire library at home, on your phone, or on your tablet. In just a few years, you (and those who might be looking to purchase homes) will consider this a standard service. Emerging (and many current) technologies simply assume that everyone has fast internet, in both directions.