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Organic Chemistry Laboratories - CHEM-267 - Organic Lab for Chemistry Majors

Laboratory Director - Dr. Christopher McDaniel (mcdaniel[at]chem.umass.edu)

Laboratory Coordinator - Mrs. Manju Sharma

Fall 2018


Schedule of Experiments

Lab Experiment
Special Notes
What is due, in addition to the pre-lab?

Day 1: Check-in and Melting Point

September 6

Review and read chapters 1 and 2 of our lab text.
Read chpt. 3, pp. 41-45, 48-53.

Course Policy, Safety, and MP OWLs

Thin-Layer Chromatography

September 13

Read chpt. 8, pp. 164-177, 182-183.

MP Post-Lab
September 20
Read pp. 45-48, Chapt 4, pp. 61-79, 83, 84. Include the prelab exercise on p. 61 (blue box at top1/3 of this page) as part of your prelab outline. Ref: Wade (lecture text), Section 2-11. (Wade also includes a discussion of physical properties, including solubilities, in chapters covering specific functional groups, e.g., alkanes, alcohols, etc.)
TLC postlab.

Acid-Base Extraction
Acid-Base Extraction - Continued

September 27
October 4

Read Chapt 7, pp. 131-147. Review MP, Recrystallization. As part of your prelab outline, include a flow diagram for your extraction (example on p. 142). Ref: Wade, Section 20-5.
Inked Pre-Lab Talk

Recrystallization - due 10/4.
Distillation and Gas Chromatography
October 11
Review GC. Read Chpt 5, pp. 86-95, Chpt 3, pp. 55-57. Include prelab
exercise (a) on p. 86
as part of your prelab outline.
One report due for acid-base extraction
Synthesis of Cyclohexene, Gas Chromatography and Infrared Spectroscopy
October 18

Read Chpt 19, pp. 334-337 (see “Percent Yield Calculations” on experiment page of website) and Chpt 11, pp. 220-230. Review distillation and GC. Include the prelab exercise on p. 334 as part of your prelab outline. In your prelab outline, prepare a table of reagents and products as shown on the website link to “Sample Notebook and Report”. Ref. Wade, Section 7-10, 11-10A, 12-1 through 12-7.

Your first formal, typed report. See the handout "Typed, Formal Report" on the general handouts page.

Distillation and GC

Radical Chlorination of Butane
October 25
Read Chpt 18 (omit Experiment 2) and review Gas Chromatography (GC)
in Chpt 10. Ref: Wade, Sect 4-13, A, B.

Alkenes from Alcohols and Gas Chromatography

November 1
Read Chpt. 10, pp. 205-211, 217-218.Ref: Wade, Sect 7- 7 through 7-7C, 7-10, 11-10A.
Radical Chlorination of Butane
Isolation of Trimyristin from Nutmeg
November 8
Read Wade, Section 25-1 through 25-4.
Alkenes from Alcohols
Start 2-Step Synthesis of Lidocaine

November 15

Read and understand section 20-15 (Synthesis and Use of Acid Chlorides) in Wade. Review SN2. Read pages 65-66 (macroscale recrystallization) and 135-136 (mixing and separating layers with a sep funnel).
Thanksgiving Week
November 22
Finish Lidocaine
November 29
See above.
Searching the Chemical Literature and check-out
December 6
Read Chapter 68. You will be assigned to do a literature search using online methods. Check out of locker. NOTE: If you do not check out properly, you will lose the credit equivalent to one experiment (50 pts).
Lidocaine due 12/6 in lab and chemical lit search due Tuesday, December 11 by 5:00 PM in lab report dropbox