OWL Electronic Homework System

for Chem 268H

You will be rostered for the course some time in the first couple of weeks of the semester. Please do not submit a login request unless you have a problem after this time. For Chem 268 at present there are only a few OWL assignments and none at least for the first month. You will be informed when the first assignment is due.

If you are unable to log in even though you are sure that you are rostered and have gotten in previously, you may have changed your password and forgotten it. If you get to the invalid login page go back to the student login page and select "Login Help". One choice there is to have your password emailed to you.

Each OWL assignment for Chem 268H will count as 1% of your final grade. For credit, an assignment must be done by the deadline. It is entirely up to you to be sure that you meet the deadlines, which are given at the OWL LogIn. Personal extensions will not be granted except in cases of extreme personal hardship. Such cases will require a note from your academic dean.

To access OWL go to

http://owl.oit.umass.edu - go to student logins, then "Chemistry Organic (UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, etc)".