Accessing Cambridge Structural Database

The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) contains the coordinates of crystal structures that have been reported in the literature. To connect to CSD, you or your group should have an account on the SGI, Gallium in the CRC. If you do not have an account on this machine, you should contact Frank Stolle. Once you get an account, follow the procedures give below. NOTE: Now most computers need Secure Shell (SSH) connection and do not accept telnet connections!!!

Accessing CSD from Gallium:
1. To launch the CSD, type

Accessing CSD remotely from an SGI/LINUX:

  1. You should have Secure Shell installed. Contact Frank Stolle to get the SSH installed.
  2. Open a Unix shell and at the prompt type

  3. SSH to gallium by typing

  4. Login into gallium by typing your password
  5. To launch the CSD, type

Accessing CSD remotely from a PC:
If you need to access CSD from a PC, you need to run an X-windows emulator and a Secure Shell (SSH) program.

The Chemistry Department at UMass has acquired 21 licences for the program, eXceed. Contact Prof. D. Venkataraman to get a license and a copy of the program for your PC. If you have questions regarding using this program, contact the X-ray lab.

One should download and install a secure shell program from our department webpage ( ) or an academic licence from or check for any free programs (Ex:,,,, or use a Search Engine in the Internet).

  1. Go to Start menu, programs, Exceed and click on Exceed (Note: Dont click the one which says Exceed XDMCP-broadcast)
  2. Go to START menu, Programs, umass terminal emulators, other SSH and click on other SSH. If you are using secure shell from SSH, go to START menu, Programs, SSH Secure Shell and click on Secure Shell Client. Then Click on quick connect and type the host name (see below).
  3. Make sure that the TCP/IP, SSH are selected.
  4. Type the host name as (or for Cerius) and click on OK
  5. There might be a warning message. If it shows up, select 'add computer to the list' and continue
  6. In window passphrase, enter the password.
  7. At the prompt type, setenv DISPLAY yourcomputeripaddress or yourcomputername:0.0 e.g.
    setenv DISPLAY or
    setenv DISPLAY
  8. type cq
Accessing CSD remotely from a Mac:
If you need to access CSD from a Mac, you need have an X-windows emulator (and a SSH program also). A program called macX is commercially available. CRC has few copies running on its Mac. Also, there might be some free X-windows emulators on the web.