KappaCCD Instrument Picture (www.nonius.nl)

The Instrument:

Data collection times:

For a big, good quality, strongly diffracting crystal with high symmetric crystal system, the data can be collected in as little as 10 minutes! But for a small, weakly diffracting crystal with low symmteric system, the data collection may take several hours.
The low & high extremes of the times we have used so far: 8 minutes & 48 hours (prior to data processing)
The most common data collection time range: 1-4 hours.

In the earlier day diffractometers, it used to take minimum of 12 hours to more than a week (with 2-3 days being normal) for similar data collection. Also many times small crystals could not be used at all, despite whatever time we were willing to spend.



For more information on the KappaCCD system visit the KappaCCD page at Nonius