The following services are available from the X-Ray Lab.

1. Crystal Inspection, Selection and Mounting. Samples brought to the X-ray lab will be inspected under microscope. If any reasonable crystal can be selected, it will be mounted and checked in the Instrument.
2. Cell determination. If any crystal diffracts reasonably, then cell parameters will be determined. Upto three crystals will be tried and if all fail, no further attempt will be made with the same batch of crystals.
3. Data Collection and Processing. If any reasonable cell parameters are obtained, then full or partial X-ray diffraction data will be collected depending on the request and crystal quality. This may take between 30 minutes to 2 days. Then the data will be processed to extract the intensity information.
4. Structure Solution. If structure solution was requested, it will be done using the above data and final structural information files will be provided.
5. Quick Structure (Identity). All the above combined in an efficient way to find out the structure very fast. Only partial data will be collected and the structure will be generally NOT publishable quality, but it will be very reliable. Unless there is a heavy workload, this will be done in the same day (sometimes within one or two hours)!
6. Low Temperature Data Collection When needed, the crystal can be cooled upto 100 K using liquid nitrogen and the data collected as the cooling continues.

Currently there is a charging system. For the fee schedule CLICK HERE.

For the details of Data Collection, Structure Solution and Identity requests, CLICK HERE.