Meeting Minutes: April 28, 2010

Hello, hello!

Here I am delivering the results of the meeting for the second and last time this semester, for the last meeting was, indeed, the club's last until fall. Although much of the continued scavenging and ravaging* of the room is best left untold, there were events not privy to those present, which include...

  1. Officer Elections

    The results are in!

    President - Kyle
    Vice President - Danny
    Treasurer - Shera
    Secretary - Kevin

    Shera will also take over for me as the webmaster.

  2. Spring Barbecue

    As they are every year, plans are still on to BBQ tasty tasties on Goessman lawn on the reading day, May 5 from noon to whenever food runs out or 4 pm, whichever soonest, with food scheduled to run out around 2:30, as it does every year. So come, eat, and say hi to all your favorite Chemistry professors before you take their finals.

  3. Club Room

    Now that we'll have no room to call home, Marv Ellin has agreed to store our BBQ equipment from year to year. However, word from the department is, if we can get active membership up, they just might find us a new room - so next year foresees a lot of work from the new administration to that end...

  4. Promotions!

    Since with the room's passing, most of the club's possessions will be thrown out, a new promotional campaign for next year is in plans. Shera and Amber have gone through the stack of vintage (ooh!) magazines that we've had lying around and saved their covers for use in recruitment posters next semester. Now, if we could only decorate the ISB nook with our stuff, which we probably can't - but that's for next year to find out!

*Ravaging was limited to an attempt to open the hood cabinet, the combination to which was forgotten. Although it was universally assumed that the handle would be the part to break off, the metal handle surprised everyone present and, instead, broke in half. Said handle was not collected as evidence and is still available to anyone in search of a souvenir by which to remember the room.

This is it for the semester, and it in general for me. See you, everyone, at the BBQ, and good luck on finals.


Meeting Minutes: April 21, 2010

For one meeting and one meeting only, I (Malia) have reprised my role as the recorder of the minutes. The discussion involved...

  1. Club Room

    Sadly, our next meeting will be our last in Goessman 153. Marv Ellin is still trying to find us a replacement room, but more likely than not, next year's club meetings will have to take place at the 3rd floor nook in ISB.

  2. Spring Barbecue

    As it turns out, May 5th reading day, which is the day of our annual BBQ, takes place after May 1st, the day Goessman 153 transfers its allegiance from The Club to The University. This will not interfere with the storage of food, since we always receive it on the day of the BBQ. However, where to store coolers and other supplies before and, more importantly, after the BBQ, until the next year and onward, is a bit of a question. But, no fear - Mike Faille is on the case.

  3. Spring Formal

    AIChE is having its annual spring formal at the Monkey Bar, and we (Chemistry and related majors) are invited! The event is 21+ and will take place on May 4th, 10 pm - 1 am. Tickets are $10 and must be bought in advance - and, you'll be able to get them at the next meeting. So, bring your money, or if you can't come, then give it to your friends and have them buy the tickets for you.

  4. Officer Elections

    Elections will take place at the next meeting. Nominations are as follows, and will remain open until the election itself:

    President - Kyle, Danny
    Vice President - Danny, Shera
    Secretary - Kevin
    Treasurer - Shera, Amber

    We also need a new webmaster, since I am graduating, but so far, there are no takers.

So, come to the next meeting! Vote, buy tickets to the dance, and say goodbye to the room, all within half an hour! See you then.


Meeting Minutes: April 14, 2010

I have a quick update for you:

  1. We have two weeks left with the room, so please get all of your things out and if you want stuff, take it.

  2. The barbeque will be on 5/5 (the reading day) from 12-4 and we're going to need help. So please come to the meetings for more information.

  3. Please start using the chemicals!

  4. Nominations for next year's officers will be at the next meeting, and we will vote at the meeting after that. So be sure to come and show your support for whoever you think can be a great leader for the club.

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: March 31, 2010

The Museum of Science Trip will take place this Saturday. We will meet at the club at 9:30 am and expect to return in the evening around 8. Bring money for the T and for lunch, and we'll see you there.


Meeting Minutes: March 10, 2010

  1. The chemicals are actually in ISB now on the third floor analytical lab. Talk to Bill Schmitt (if he's not actually in the lab go to the Chem Department offices) and he will show you where the chemicals are. There will be a list of suggested experiments posted on the Club Site soon.

  2. We're officially losing the room on May 1st, so if you've left anything in there please get it out soon. If you don't take your things they may be thrown out or taken with us.

Have a great break!

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: March 3, 2010

  1. EH&S Training/Chemical Use

    Turns out you cannot do EH&S online. But, there will be another training Wednesday March 10 at the same time (10 to noon) in Draper 103. If you are already trained, you should be able to just go to the 3rd floor of ISB and use the chemicals for experiments. Things to remember: When you go, talk to Bill Schmitt first for clearance, we have a lab notebook that you must keep track of your experiments in (date, name, guidelines, results, etc).

  2. Museum of Science

    Saturday April 3 is the official date for the trip. Mark your calendars!

  3. Bowling

    We're going to bowling on Wednesday after Kyle's staff meeting, which should be around 9:30ish.

Jon Forfa

Snow Day: February 24, 2010

Although the campus will be opening at 5:30 today, we will not be meeting.

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: February 17, 2010

Yesterday's meeting was a productive one to say the least:

  1. I need to address this again: last semester some of Brian Taylor's things went missing and if you happen to have them or know their whereabouts, please email me or Mike.

  2. EH&S Training

    You need to go through this if you haven't already in order to work with the chemicals we ordered. The scheduled time for EH&S Training is Thursday, February 25, 2010 10:00 - Noon in 102 Draper Hall. Is there anyone interested in using the chemicals that can't make it to that training? Please email me.

  3. The Boston Museum of Science trip has been moved back to Saturday April 3rd. We're pretty sure that's the date we're going to stick with. If you have any conflicts email me about it. You'll need money for your T tickets, food, and the gift store.

  4. I'm pretty sure the general consensus was that we were indifferent to this, but if you do want an account on the club computers let John know at the next meeting.

Good luck on midterms!

Jon Forfa

Update: February 10, 2010

Just so you all know we did not have a meeting today, I went and hung around for a little and no one showed up so I assume that's ok with everyone. Next week we will be meeting though. I've heard from a few people about their opinions on changing the meetings, but I'm still looking for more opinions about the Museum of Science trip. Please let me know either way (either the 6th, 27th, or neither).

Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: February 3, 2010

Everybody In the Club,

Do you see what I did there? Anyways,

  1. Sadly, we will be losing our room over the summer. :( But ISB should be good.

  2. The Chemicals

    West experiment station will be on a wednesday at 12, chemicals are set to be used in 3rd floor isb. anyone that does it must check in and out w/ Bill Schmitt and keep a log of chemicals used, reactions and results. it is designed to be an experiment base.

  3. Museum of Science

    Either the 6th or 27th. Please email me if you are at all interested.

  4. Opinion

    Should we change our meetings to every other week? Email your answer please.


Jon Forfa

Meeting Minutes: January 27, 2010

We've got a great semester ahead of us with lots of fun things to do. Meetings are still Wednesdays at 5:30 in the Club room, so make sure you attend them to not miss out on all of the great opportunities we have to offer.

  1. We're planning a trip to the Boston Science Museum for some time in the next couple of weeks. If you would like to attend please email me to say so, that way I can see how high the interest level is.

  2. Chemical- we actually have them in our possession! We're hoping to start demos soon on the third floor of ISB. More info to come.

  3. If you would like your own account for the computers in the club room please speak with the VP, John Rymasz, and give him a username and password.

Jon Forfa

Welcome Back Everyone!

Hope you had a good break! Meetings will continue to take place every Wednesday at 5:30 in Goessman 153. The first meeting of the semester will take place on January 27th. Hope to see you there!