Welcome to the UMass Department of Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Laboratories - CHEM-267 - Organic Lab for Chemistry Majors

Laboratory Director - Dr. Christopher McDaniel (mcdaniel[at]chem.umass.edu)

Laboratory Coordinator - Mrs. Manju Sharma



Safety Handout
OWL Instruction Sheet
Make-Up Lab Request Google Form
Technique Pre-lab Example (Go here AFTER READING THE SYLLABUS)
How to Screw up!
How to Keep Your Lab Notebook and a Sample Notebook Entry
Non-Formal Report Grading Rubric
The Digital Melting Point Apparatus
A jornal article from the Journal of Organic Chemistry (JOC)
Formal Report Related Files
The Formal Report (synthesis experiments, i.e. cyclohexene and beyond)
A Not so Well Written Experimental Procedure for a Formal Report
The TA-Graded Version of the Above . . .
Formal Report Grading Rubric