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Current Members
Principle Investigator

Prof. Paul Dubin
Research in my group arises from my interest in polyelectrolytes, long-chain molecules in which every repeat unit carries a charge. We focus on their interaction with oppositely charged molecules such as surfactant micelles, nanoparticles and proteins, with the objective of fundamental understanding of solution behavior. Our work combines the disciplines of analytical, biological and physical chemistry.

Yaxun Fan
Yaxun is a postdoctoral fellow working in the Dubin Group from the spring of 2014. She graduated from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and her research interest was colloid chemistry, especially surfactant systems. Her work is currently focused on the study of micelle/polyelectrolyte complexation.
Visiting Scholars

Aydan Elci
Aydan is a visiting scholar in the Dubin Research Group.
Graduate Students

Daniel Seeman
Daniel applies a wide range of classical soft-matter characterization methods to the study of complex phase behavior in protein-based systems. Such phase transitions stem from protein self-association, heteroprotein interactions, and protein/polyelectrolyte interactions. The common feature in all of these is attractive interactions due to protein charge anisotropy, as visualized via electrostatic modeling. Recent work involves development of non-chromatographic methods for purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAb's).

Fatih Comert
Fatih joined the Dubin Group in the Spring of 2013. His work is currently focused on the study of protein/polyelectrolyte complexation, and more generally on coacervation.

Alex Malanowski
Alex is an undergraduate Chemistry Major working in the Dubin Group. He has worked on a variety of projects including preliminary work on electrospinning of polyelectrolyte complexes, heteroprotein coacervation, and mAb purification.

Jeffrey Haworth
Jeff is an undergraduate chemical engineering and biochemistry double major. Having started in May 2014, Jeff has mainly studied polymer/protein/mixed micelle complex interactions. His current work focuses on potentiometric studies of proteins.

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