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April 26, 2024
Congratulations to Aron for winning the Uche Anyanwu Memorial Award for Outstanding Research at the 20th Annual Undergraduate Poster Session at UMass Department of Chemistry! Aron presented some of his exciting findings about how drug molecules modulate the structure and dynamics of TRPC5 channels.

April 13, 2024
We hosted the Molecualr Biophysics in the Northeast on UMass Amhest campus this Saturday. This is an exciting one-day meeting that brings together experimental and computational molecular biophysicists in the norteatern region and emphasizes the involvement of student and postdoctoral trainees. This year's meeting had over 170 researchers in attendence from ~20 universities and institutions and showcased 80 poster presentations in addition to 14 talks from PIs and trainees. We look foward to future MBN meetings!

April 8-25, 2024
Congatulations to Shrishti, Kairong and David for passing their prospectus (Shrishti) and ORP (Kairong and David) exams! One small step forward a time and in the right direction!

Feb 26, 2024
Warmest congratulations to Xiaorong Liu, our first PhD from UMass, who has accepted the offer to become an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the University of New Mexico! We are all very proud of Xiaorong and wish her the best in the exciting new chapter of her career!

Feb 15, 2024
Warmest congratulations to Erik and Zhiguang for their paper on "Inner pore hydration free energy controls the activation of the big potassium channel and its mutants" being selected as one for the Best of 2023 published in Biophysical Journal!

Feb 9-14, 2024
Jian, Kairong, Shrishti and Jianhan attended the annual Biophysical Society meeting in the beautiful Philadelphia. We celebrated the Lunar Chinese New Year in the best chinese restaurant of the town, presented some of our exciting results, and enjoyed the beautiful city. We also reconnected with the Chen lab alumni Erik and Mahdieh, as well as our collaborators from WUSTL, Buffalo, ISU, KSU, USC, Copenhagen, Van Andel and others. It was an exciting and memorable meeting!

Jan 15 and Feb 2, 2024
The lab celebrated Yumeng's memorable four years in the lab together at Jianhan's house. Yumeng has demonstrated how much one could accomplish with extreme dedication to research excellence and tenacity in front of extraordinary challenges. We are all so proud of her and wish her the best in her next chapter of life and scientific careeer!

We missed Yumeng so much that she had to come back to the lab for two more weeks before eventually saying goodbye one last time after the Feburary lab research update.

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