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33rd Reaction Mechanisms Conference
RMC 2010

Poster Preparation

RMC attendees are encouraged to present posters describing recent research. You must submit an abstract by 5 June 2010 to be placed on the poster presentation schedule. You must register first to submit an abstract.

All abstracts are for poster presentations, although early abstract submissions (by 1 May 2010) will be considered by the organizing committee for short talk invitations. See the Abstract Submission page for details.

Note -- poster submissions are closed as of 7 June 2010, save to "walk-on" submissions that we will not be able to include in the abstract book.

Posters should be compatible with attachment to 32 inch by 40 inch foam poster boards, using stick pins. [UPDATE ON 16 JUNE 2010: The assumed orientation is landscape (wider than it is high), but it will not be a disaster if you bring a portrait style poster. We have been able to secure large, sturdy, hard-surface (still OK for tacks and stickpins) poster display boards. One poster will be on each side of each board. There should be plenty of room, even if your poster spills over the above dimensions.]

UPDATE ON 16 JUNE 2010: See the poster number assignments by author. Odd numbered posters for the first session, evens for the second session, but we intend to have all posters posted throughout the meeting, so flexibility is fine.


Last update: 06/18/2010

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